Cupcakes & Cake Toppers


If you would prefer an alternative to a fully iced celebration cake, then why not try our delicious cupcakes. Hand made and decorated to your requirements, they come in a range of flavours.

Flavours include:

Sweet vanilla with a raspberry jam filling, topped with a vanilla buttercream
Rich chocolate with a chocolate buttercream topping
Rich chocolate with a vanilla buttercream, a slightly lighter alternative to the above
Rich chocolate and orange with a choc & orange buttercream
Rich chocolate with a caramel centre and topped with a chocolate buttercream
                                                                                  Tangy lemon, with a lemon curd filling and topped with lemon buttercream
                                                                                  Zesty orange, topped with an orange buttercream
                                                                                  Red Velvet, topped with vanilla buttercream
                                                                                  Vanilla, white chocolate and strawberry
                                                                                  Vanilla, coconut and lime

   A basic cupcake with simple decoration. £1.50                                                                                                             A classic cupcake adorned with handmade 3D sugar flowers. £2.00


Elaborate cupcakes with handmade fondant decoration. £2.50                                                                                        Cupcakes decorated with handmade 3D figures  (approx. 2" tall)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            These can be removed for a keepsake.   £3.00

Prices are per cupcake and there is a minimum order of a box of 12. Dual flavoured boxes are a popular choice, e.g. 6 lemon & 6 vanilla, for those wanting a little choice, but due to recipe quantities, chocolate cupcakes can only be ordered in batches of 12.

These are becoming quite popular as gifts for birthdays, welcoming a new baby or mothers day. The standard design comes with 7 cupcakes arranged and attached to the board, with the remaining 5 presented in a box. Prices start from £27.50

These are ideal for those of you wanting to personalise your cake, or perhaps are having a go at making your own and are looking for something different, but handmade to adorn your creation.